the sunday currently, 92

this’ll be quick because my heart feels heavy right now. and i know it’s stupid to feel this much for something that really shouldn’t concern me at all. but somehow i am feeling hurt. if only i could go back to the day before that darn phenomenon started, back when all i had to think… Continue reading the sunday currently, 92


the sunday currently, 91

my first entry for 2019. woohoo! and somehow, i just stared at my screen for some 5 seconds, a little unsure of how to proceed, haha. for some reason my hands are a little shaky. pasmado, i think. and i’m not sure why, maybe too much mobile phone usage and then i wash my hands… Continue reading the sunday currently, 91

the sunday currently, 88

skipped last week’s tsc because...well, i actually can’t remember. hmm. anyway, it’ll come back to me but for now, let’s do this. reading... tweets and hopefully later this draft work-related document that needs comments. watching... past kalyeserye episodes on youtube. yep. because i’m feeling rather nostalgic, along with the rest of the aldubnation, missing alden and… Continue reading the sunday currently, 88