the sunday currently, 90

to be honest, i am unsure of what i should be writing right now. i just know that i have to write, and to let some things out. i’ve been trying to keep my feelings in check, waiting for tears to fall any moment because of news in the fandom, which i know should really… Continue reading the sunday currently, 90


the sunday currently, 89

currently here at conrad hotel, near sm moa. attending a workshop tomorrow. wasn’t really intending to be part of this, except that when i saw the program, there were topics that interested me and that might very well add value to my current programme. so, here i am. posh hotel. really posh, but praying that… Continue reading the sunday currently, 89

the sunday currently, 88

skipped last week’s tsc because...well, i actually can’t remember. hmm. anyway, it’ll come back to me but for now, let’s do this. reading... tweets and hopefully later this draft work-related document that needs comments. watching... past kalyeserye episodes on youtube. yep. because i’m feeling rather nostalgic, along with the rest of the aldubnation, missing alden and… Continue reading the sunday currently, 88