notes to self

(wrote this on OneNote, 11 November 2015)

On the way to the office today, I had these thoughts in mind. Well, I always get these crazy and not-so-crazy thoughts whenever I commute, at any given time of the day.

So, I thought of doing yet another blog, but short snippets of reminders to myself. Burikay’s notes to self. Random thoughts that I would make a note of, some profound, some may be crazy, some may be just observations that may or may not have anything to do with my greater purpose in life. It’s more of lessons I learn everyday, lessons I can be thankful for, that I can despise, that I can carry on as advice for anyone else.

Just those. Snippets of lessons. Notes to self.

Just so I can satisfy my ‘writer’ tendencies and impulses. I need to entertain this, otherwise I might just wait for another 2 decades before it comes back to me again.

I really appreciate what I have read so far in Big Magic. I love how Liz Gilbert speaks of this creativity as a flitting wisp or spark that if you don’t grab hold to it, it will flee and transfer to someone else and might take a long time before it circles back to you, if it ever circles back to you at all.

So, amidst all the workload that I have from now until next year (and perhaps further on, unless I decide to escape), I will be doing these notes to self, as a reminder that my creative streak should linger for a bit. That I am ready, in spite of the other stuff that needs my attention (work, work, and, oh, more work), I would really like to push this through. It’s now or never, so to speak. And I really want to make sense of my 4 decades of being me.

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