writing prompts

i follow this page on fb – writer’s write – and it posts daily writing prompts, which is a really nice exercise for those like me who dream of one day publishing a novel, or any written work at least. i find it very helpful in discovering my style, and assess myself on whether i can really do this or not.

i’m not sure when i started it, but lately i have been neglecting to do the prompts. sometimes i write directly into their comments section; there are also some that i copy on my notebook and work on it on paper, before i transfer to the comments. it would be nice to get some feedback, but i haven’t gotten any yet. still, i enjoy doing it. makes me proud of myself, somehow. reminding me that i can still write, and that creativity hasn’t completely left me to juts write technical reports and proposals and other work-related writing stuff.

so on this blog, i will post my take on the daily writing prompts. i hope to be faithful in doing the prompts as daily as possible; sometimes i don’t see the prompts on my newsfeed though, or i may have missed it. nevertheless, i will try as much to do it everyday. it’s therapy for me, for my soul, for creative self.


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