The Deserted City

write about a deserted city. use all five senses to describe the scene.

it never used to be like this. it never looked like this. for as far as her memory takes her, she only remembers the bright lights and loud noise whenever they pass through here in their way to the airport. she enjoyed passing through here, more than the notion of travelling. she looked forward to seeing the flashy, colorful lights over by the theater, and marveled at the different music blasting through the huge speakers outside the theater. she always begged to stay there a night, before leaving again and flying back. it made her dream of what she wanted to be.

but now, after 7 years of not going back, it looked so different. all she could hear is the squeak of an unhinged door, sometimes a crash of an old lightbulb from the lights that used to shine and flash every night. fading paint and a fresh graffiti make for a welcome sign to the old theater. the whole road reeked of stench, the smell of decaying rats combined with sewage water. she dreaded to inhale for it travels fast to her stomach. the air felt dry even on the tongue, where the awe and disgust escapes her opened mouth, breathing in an unwelcome and unpleasant taste.

her hairs stand on end realizing what seven years can do to a vibrant place. and she tries to linger in her memory what it used to be.

~ daily writing prompt, 24 july

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