last for the year

it’s  a quarter to two in the afternoon. waiting to board, bound for yet another trip, the last one for this year. thankfully. 

my mom asked me the other day how many trips did i have this year. and i had to  really think and count, for i did have several. beginning january, it seems i went on missions every other month; at times even twice in a month. in all my years of travelling (which really isn’t that long compared to other seasoned flyers and travellers), 2015 has got to be the busiest for my passport. 

i want to say i’m not complaining, because i really should be grateful for all the experience, the opportunity to go to other places and learning. but i do complain often because it can really be tiring. it is not easy lugging your bags and still look fresh, especially when you get to stay only a night in one place then move on to the next. and i am not the best packer in the world. i suck at packing. i tend to re-do my packing even after i spent more than an hour trying to get it right. i’m not the most organized person in the world but i always want my stuff in the right places. yet, i still manage to screw that up. so imagine having to do that for several trips this year (which i still haven’t counted). 

i still love travelling though. it’s one if those things that i can escape and just be nobody. especially when i travel alone. i only have my passport to identify me, and very seldom do i encounter somebody i know at the airport. i like company, sure, but i am always the one who does the talking mostly. i am chatty, sure, and that can be so exhausting. so going on missions alone are kind of my escape. 

this last trip for the year, though, i am most grateful. somehow it signifies i have done well, work-wise, and that i could still look forward to more trips next year. sure, it will be exhausting again, i will likely complain again, but i will also be learning and experiencing yet new stuff (and sure, pack on more mileage, haha). 


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