the elephant ride

6 december. alaungdaw kathapa national park. myanmar. 

i feel so privileged to be able to ride an elephant. and at the same time feel sad for the elephants, and the situation of this whole park. 
on the other hand, riding the elephant on the way to the park makes for a good ab workout too, haha!

update 9:48pm
   after a grueling 3-4 hours of travellng by elephant, i therefore declare that that will be my last. my whole body is aching, but the numbness of my butt is really something. i was all by myself on one elephant, so i had to stay seated at the middle, not on either plank seats that were atop the elephant. there won’t be any balance if i do so. it was actually fun, it really was. i can tell my children someday that i rode an elephant for 4 hours, and i will likely advise them not to do the same. it was enjoyable the 1st hour, coz it was still light and i could see the path where we were going, and i was still a bit comfortable with my position. but then hour 2 went by, and while it was still light, pretty soon it was going to get dark. i was already shifting my position several times already. my initial indian seat position was getting my legs dead, and my butt was bumping rather hard on the elephants back. not to mention the elephant man/worker was also shifting his seat so i had to move to give him space. my hands were beginning to ache for grappling on to the wooden seats just so i won’t suddenly slip and fall. 
i tell you, i’ve never heard so many elephant farts in my life. so i joined the farting, haha. riding an elephant can give you gas, it seems. along with the farting are of course the poop that seem to drop from their asses every 10 meters, and the pee! goodness, their pee is like a waterfall! and the smell, ugh. 
but elephants are such graceful creatures. they’re indeed huge, yes, but they are so graceful. it still amazes me how they can walk up and down a very steep slope, and not slip at all. that’s why it’s a pity that the elephant men keep on whipping or hitting them with a stick that has like a reaper on it. i guess that’s how they make them go the direction they need to go to, but its still cruel. 
i think i’m fine with the elephant rides for now. i can take that off my bucket list. 

8 december. win unity hotel, monywa, myanmar. 

update 6:18am.
and when i finally thought that that was my last elephant ride, we had to go back to the base where we left the car that we rented by – wait for it – elephant. again. 
so in total, going both ways, i rode an elephant for 8 hours. 
here is when i say, that’s my last. my aching back and bruised butt declares it so. 
respect and love for these big creatures. 


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