AlDub Love

i have never been a fangirl. i swoon over handsome actor hunks, yes, both international and pinoy. i admire exemplary acting, and i get myself updated on showbiz news, sure. but to be a die-hard fan? never. 

until these two came into picture. 

i have to admit, i’ve noticed alden some years back, when i chanced upon one of his earlier tv shows. i had to ask my mom who he was because his dimples are seriously something that would draw you in. i remember telling my mom he looks a bit like john lloyd, but cuter. but that was that. i wasn’t one to follow anyone’s showbiz career, let alone a local actor. my family has always followed gma7 shows. kapuso to the core. when i watch shows on the other network and tell my mom about it, she absolutely can’t relate. 

fast forward to mid-2015, when one weekend we were watching eat bulaga at home (one of the rare occasions that i am without work-related travel or i am not working on my laptop), i saw this new character on eat bulaga. i didn’t take notice of her at first, i was actually more happy to see that wally has gotten back to his element on noontime tv. then this apron-clad girl started dubsmashing. i thought, hey, it’s the girl on youtube! my mom had to explain who her character was on the segment, and i explained to my mom what dubsmashing was. (rather, “dabmash” as my mom says it 😜). 

i showed my mom and dad the youtube videos of her dubsmashing, learning that her real name was maine. 

still, that didn’t get me hooked. what really got me watching eat bulaga again was the kalyeserye episode of the 1st wedding, where maine fainted. 

again, happy to be home on a weekend, i settled in front of our tv to see what was interesting. my mom updated me about what was happening on eat bulaga so i sat there glued. i found myself cheering alden on running to where the wedding was going to be, laughing at jose/frankie and annoyed at lola nidora (but admiring wally for his consistency in character), and feeling the pain of maine/yaya as she longs to be free from the arrainged marriage.

and then she fainted. i thought ‘wow, eat bulaga sure knows how to capture their audience!’ i even told my mom that EB will play on this story to prolong it. after seeing alden arrive a little too late and tear up the yaya-frankie sign, i slept, as i always do on saturdays. waking up early evening, my mom told me that maine actually did faint! she was on the news, and posts on her IG and twitter mentioned how she was feeling under the weather already, and her dress was tight, and it was so hot…we all know the story. 

i guess that’s when i started to follow them closely. i thought, this is getting interesting. i thought, these two look cute together. their dubsmashing and split-screen romance is fresh and pure. 

because my weekdays are workdays, i began loving saturdays even more because i get to watch eat bulaga. i started tweeting again, more so than before. i’ve always loved eat bulaga, grew up watching it, but i’m hooked more than ever. i was saddened by what happened to wally before, and i cried when i saw the episode when he came back, humbled by what he went through. and seeing him in character as lola nidora, i will applaud him forever. jose’s comic street genius is relatable, and paolo’s cutie-smile always captivates (not to mention his wonderful make-up magic). the legendary TVJ are incomparable, and all the dabarkads are truly like your childhood go-to barkada. 

and alden and maine. they are the romance that you wish you had when you were young. they are the sincerity of hearts beating, in tune with what the moment brings. their split-screen romance rings of fun and youth, at one moment play, heartache the next. they give you hope, joy, and the promise of possibilities amidst obstacles and challenges. 

above all, they are love. 

i was team arena at tamang panahon, and i will forever treasure being part of that history. i am proud to be one with the fandom, the aldubnation, who did not just go to that event for the sake of being witness to the meeting of alden and maine, but for the cause of setting up libraries. the memories of the arena lighting up with everyone’s cellphones, the unified dance to eat bulaga’s song, the shrieks and screams as we first heard maine’s voice, and the pabebe waves and heart signs that everyone was giving away – still gives me goosebumps and a smile. 

i have since followed everything alden and maine, aldub-maiden, aldubnation, jowapao. i always look forward to evenings when i can finally catch the replay of the day’s episode, though i keep myself updated on twitter. i am so glad to be part of a fan-mily who generously and so truthfully shares their admiration and love for the two. i buy magazines featuring them, i have a calendar of alden in my room (i call him roomie), and i started blogging again because i was inspired by maine’s blog. and though i haven’t been taking part in any charity event yet, i know i will soon. 

does all that now make me a fan girl? it definitely does. and i am not ashamed of it. why be ashamed of love?

wala kayong pake. ❤️


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