for world poetry day, i posted three ‘impromptu’ pieces before 11pm on twitter, just so i could make a sort of contribution to that day. i didn’t really expect anybody to like it or re-tweet it. none of those who follow me probably won’t waste much time to actually read what i post (except when i use ht’s of the day for AlDub).

apparently, one of my poems did get liked and re-tweeted by a few people (6, i think). not much, but hey, kinda makes you feel good. i love poetry – it brings me to a place where i can fly with my words and be free. i suppose creativity does that to you. i would still love to explore writing short stories and continue with my non-fiction tirades (or whatever genre that is), but poetry is still comforting for me. it’s a balance of exposing my true self, yet still masks and hides mysteriously my true meaning.

yup, doesn’t make much sense. but it does to  me.


i stood there
did you feel
my cry
like a stab
a wound by your
still you flew
never turning
it was i who bled

hope springs
yet my words betray
lightness, i say
though shadows are at bay
never fear, i cry
but still slowly i die

smile, you say
i raise a brow
dubious, doubtful
hand outstretched
i reach out
i felt your promise
i smile


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