freedom and respect

just about ready to leave. my room feels like a sweatshop even with the fan on 4. for many nights now i’ve been sweating like crazy because of this summer heat. a heat index of 41? geez.

anyway, a quick thought before i leave for work. there’s been much banter, if you can cal it that, on social media now about the coming Philippine elections. the campaigns are all heated now, with each candidate working hard to get those votes. each and every move that they make are being carefully watched, and the people are all witnesses even without actually being there. the power of social media. when before the 4th powerful element in society is media, traditional that is, the advent of the internet has made it more than just the 4th power – it has become an ultimate one. people from all walks of life are putting it out into cyberspace their opinions and thoughts about these elections and politics, among everything else. these ‘millenials’ are getting stronger in voicing out their sides and comments, because that’s freedom of expression.

then there’s an abuse of this freedom.

of course we want freedom, sure. but there’s also respect. respect for one’s freedom, and respect for one’s expression.

it’s one thing to be smart on social media, to express one’s version of analysis over what is happening in politics. the wisdom of the spoken word, especially those coming from old stalwarts in this area, is another. i will give the smart, young ones their freedom of expression, sure. but it doesn’t mean they have earned my respect nor they have swayed me to their side. my respect will always go out to the wise, but again, not necessarily swaying to their side either. i value my opinion strongly, but my own critical analysis will come not from rantings on social media, but from my own observations and principles.

so do i dare go on a debate about politics now? i probably won’t. my expression has always been through writing. such as this one. ‘

maybe i’m just getting tired of reading too much about the campaigns.






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