the leap

a wave, a smile

covered shyly, coyly

the eyes never lie

happiness exudes

a sense of thrill

of excitement

of anticipation

each day is a wonder

a discovery

from roses not given

to weddings that were broken

signs that were shown

jokes that were thrown

hands almost touching

dances, songs, drums even

a twist in stories

of arranged marriages,

of grandmothers three

[the stern, wise one

the playful, alluring one

the pretty and giddy one]

spectators cannot get enough of

what’s unveiling before them

everyone came along

on this journey

of two smiles, of two faces

of two hearts

yet it all boils down

to what has been true all along

that wave and that smile

365 days since it began

will forever etch in everyone

that leap that 2 souls took

along with them

are millions

forever entwined


[Happy 1st ALDUB Anniversary!]


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