the 24th

your protagonist never goes out on nights when ______.


each month, he refuses to go out on evenings of the 24th. it’s been like that for the past 5 years. his friends try to understand this, but still they wonder why, after all those years, he will still not go out on nights of 24th. every month.


sure, it was the 24th of May, 5 years ago, when he found out how his girlfriend was cheating on him, saw her and another guy out on a date, doing some fuckingly awful PDA at an al fresco restaurant, unmindful of people throwing disgusting glances at them. it was the 24th that he almost got arrested for public disturbance and destruction of property because he confronted them and choked the hell out of the guy (after punching him on the nose). it was the 24th when he shamelessly cried and begged her to choose him. it was the 24th when she decided to end their 7-year relationship.


5 years since that 24th of May. and somehow, recovering and moving on from that may have appeared easy to others, but he still avoided to go out on nights of the 24th. of every month. for the past 5 years. it’s as if the 24th has been marked for him as a day of grief and regrets. mourning over a loss that his friends consider a good one.


for him, every 24th he dies a little. not because of a love lost. but because of a dignity trampled on. and going out on nights of the 24th, he fears of having that happen again.


~ daily writing prompt, 9 august (2014?)


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