the sunday currently, 01

and just as i was about to hit my bed, i suddenly remembered that i was intending to write my very first sunday currently. i better hurry this up though, because in about 45 minutes, in won’t be sunday any longer. i got side-tracked trying to figure out some stuff here in wordpress, which, unfortunately, i am still unable to actually figure out. my meager mind can only absorb as much.

anyway, so let’s do this.

reading… lang leav’s the universe of us. i promised myself that this will be my long weekend reading pleasure, but i only got to open the book tonight. good thing it’s a holiday tomorrow. i can still snuggle in bed and read it nonstop.

writing… this, my first ever sunday currently. also trying to work on a few chapters on this fic that i’ve recently put up on wattpad. i’ll maybe write about this in a different entry.

listening… to spotify, chilled r&b playlist, playing now is keep you in mind by guordan banks. (really have no idea who this is, but r&b has this cool vibe which is just right for my writing mode)

thinking… about writing some more. writing more short stories, writing spg fics, writing more poems. and writing some work stuff but that comes in last.

smelling…actually nothing. soap, maybe?

wishing…that the long weekend (tomorrow’s a holiday, yey!) gets an extension, haha!

hoping…to really finish writing some chapters that i have intended to do over the weekend. and also some work stuff that i have to turn in by tuesday, so help me.

wearing…sweatpants, a night shirt, and a cardigan.

loving…the family gathering that we had earlier today. we celebrated the august birthday celebrant from my dad’s side of the family, and it’s very seldom now that we get to see each other. the restaurant where we ate was rather small and we occupied perhaps ¼ of the whole downstairs area. one of my cousins bought cake and we sang happy birthday, naturally, to the celebrants. it was a fun day.

wanting…to understand better how wordpress works! i’ve been reading through the support page and i’ve managed to resolve some of my issues but there are still some areas that i am so ‘duh’ about. hrrnngghh.

needing…more creativity, haha! writing is good for my soul, seriously, but i most often go blank because i feel like my thoughts aren’t too original. i need to be more creative.

feeling…a bit sleepy already, a bit scared because it’s been raining non-stop, but nevertheless thankful and blessed because today was a good day.

clicking…well, no more clicking tonight. i’ve been clicking through the support pages of wordpress for more than 2 hours maybe, i think i should stop forcing myself to understand what my brain is capable of for tonight.

wow! that’s it! there’s my sunday currently. hoping for a wonderful week ahead. i now look forward to doing this every sunday.








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