the sunday currently, 02

it’s only 11:18pm here in yangon so it’s still sunday, a few minutes to turn in this entry for sunday currently, my second one, so here goes…

reading…Magic Seeds by VS Naipaul. this has been on my shelf for the longest time, and i’ve probably brought it on my trips several times already, but i’ve never read past the 1st chapter. i kinda find the story boring but now as i am past the 5th chapter, its becoming interesting.
writing…this. was going to write a bit more on my chapters for never on the mouth but i’m a little beat already so that’ll have to be for tomorrow.

listening…to the pursuit of happyness, will smith’s movie on fox right now. i really am just listening more than watching it. oh, and also my officemate’s snoring on the other bed.

thinking…about what i missed at sps, and how i’m going to get through this week full of meetings while my head is somewhere else (AlDub/MaiChard actually, and writing for amacon prompts and never on the mouth).

wishing…the wifi here in this hotel room gets better.

hoping…the wifi here in this hotel room gets better (yes, same thing). and that this week is productive for me, workwise and creativity-wise.

wearing…an old shirt and soft pants i bought from bangkok.

loving…how i am still able to keep up with the amacon drabbles! i’m so proud of me, hihi.

wanting…to write some more tonight but i’ll do that tomorrow.

feeling…giddy over what i’ve been reading on twitter about the sps episode today, with a & m. and also really glad that i made it to the after us book order! i just got the confirmation through email! yey! 
ok, that’s all for now. busy days ahead for the week. i want to say ‘wake me up when september ends’ but nah, i’ll face it head-on. it will be tough, sure, with some issues money-wise, but that’s just money. fingers-crossed, september will be one fine month for me. i claim it to be.


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