bees, elephants and biceps.

i started writing this a few months back, just some random thought about stuff and things that i love. my favorite things. those that make me smile and escape to a daydream. things that i will probably never tire of. so, here, just sharing. 



i love bees. to me, they are heroes in nature, in this circle of life. sure, they’re a small speck in the whole web, but if it weren’t for these little fluttering creatures, pollination of plants will not be possible. if it weren’t for their constant flying to flowers and carrying pollen to fertilize another, food on our tables will not be possible.


i love elephants, huge they may be. they are magnificent, gentle beings. having ridden one for more than 5 hours does make you attached to them, somewhat. my experience in riding them last year was something i wouldn’t want to do again in the near future, though. nevertheless, i have all the respect for these creatures, and it pains me to see them being hit by the elephant men who were steering them. blood trickles down their faces because they are hit by sticks with a sharp end. the younger ones get skittish when they hear noise, especially the sound of the trucks and construction equipment that were fixing the rough roads on our way to the base of the national park. that’s why the elephant men hit them, to keep them from running away.

i love biceps. well-sculpted, strong biceps on men. emphasis on men, by the way. not to say that sculpted women biceps are unsightly, but i’m being ‘girly’ here, so, let me just gush over a guy’s biceps. to be clear, i love biceps that are not scary to look at, like those of body-builders and gym-buffs, where the muscles appear to almost explode. i cringe when i see those. but a guy with biceps that seem to tell you ‘come into my arms, i will protect you’, now those i can hold on to anytime, any day.

(photos below are grabs from my fave biceps currently, and of course i had to include a photo of those biceps around his better half. i love them both so those biceps rightfully belong around her.)

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