i missed out on doing the sunday currently yesterday. was out the whole afternoon, some personal errands and happily tagging along with my cousins and tita for some needed relaxation. i do feel guilty though, a little, because my parents weren’t with me but they did have their own thing last night. i arrived a little before 12 midnight and they were still up, another couple with them (they were at a surprise birthday party for their beloved monsignor and since daddy still can’t drive, their ME friends came over to pick them up, and brought them back here), having late night coffee.

i’m just glad that they still have their social life going on, even though they have been missing a lot since daddy got sick and really can’t go around driving just yet (he insists that he can drive already but my mom and i are adamant not to let him, it’s only been over  month since his episode). still, i know that they are wishing to be more mobile and less cash-strapped. my mom has been crying every now and then over money issues, worrying a lot over their lack of income and how embarrassed she is that they have to still ask us for money. i told her that isn’t it more embarrassing that we are still letting them work for their own income when they should just be relaxing already? it’s only money, we will always find ways to work around it. i suppose she just misses how it was before when they had this steady income with the subcontract work. it took them several years to finally let go of it, even if i have been insisting on dropping it already because they only get stressed.

so this was supposed to be just a ‘filler’ entry for what i should have written yesterday for the sunday currently. i am a little sad that i missed writing it, and kind of irked at myself for not writing a little more over this long weekend, but hey, today is still a holiday so i will try to make the most of it.

and here’s hoping i won’t be missing any more of my writing tasks.



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