the sunday currently, 03

technically this should be my 4th sunday currently, but i missed doing it last sunday because i got home late, slept late and basically forgot all about it. but anyway, so here goes my 3rd one.

reading…YES! magazine with Maine on the cover, and Lang Leav’s The Universe of Us. is it any obvious that even reading preferences lately have something to do with my fangirling?

writing…my 3rd sunday currently. after which i would have to write some emails (yeah, work) and, if i am still not snoozing, i need to update my wp story. it’s been weeks since my last update there so i really have to catch up. it’s not as if i have tons of followers but hey, i just want to write and keep doing it.

listening… to Ed Sheeran. it’s that kind of night for me.

thinking… i should actually sleep early so that i get up early if i am serious about joining the office car back to los baños tomorrow.

wishing… that my creative streak doesn’t leave me just yet. it’s not yet fully there, but i know i can still do this.

hoping… i won’t get too lazy tomorrow to get up. and that i get brave enough to walk even when it’s still dark out.

wearing… sleep clothes – an old shirt, a cardigan and leggings.

loving… my family, of course. we had a mini reunion earlier today, it was my tita’s birthday treat and most of my mom’s sisters were there. my cousins were there, too, and oh, i finally got to see my nephew (from my cousin)! he is just adorable! so cute!


wanting… hmmm…my own kid. there. i said it. i want my own son or daughter. soon.

feeling… that things will get better. tougher, yes, but somehow in the back of my head, i am confident, which is rather scary, because sometimes there’s a trade-off with that.  but still, yeah, i’m taking things in stride, even if i am inwardly panicking a bit. i suppose i’ve reached that age where worrying and panicking shouldn’t be the boss of me. sure, i still get worried and doubtful, but it passes. i hate it when i worry, and i hate it more when the people i love worry. so, for them not to worry, i should be able to appear to them like there’s nothing to actually worry about.

does that make sense?

anyway, i’m just glad that i i am slowly getting back into my writing routine. even at work, i am more eager to just write my stories, which i know is not right. i have lots of pending stuff at work, also some reports to write, and a lot more emails. i still need to find that balance. i’ll get there.

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