wait & see

for the past few days, i’ve been trying to finish my US visa application. along with some of my officemates who will be travelling with me. we’ll be attending this conference in Mexico in December, and the flight route will be via the US. so we agreed to do a sidetrip on the way back after the conference. because, why not, right? we’re already within reach, and we will be travelling via the US anyway so why not go for it.

so the US visa application is a long one. quite straightforward, actually, but there were some items that i needed to check with some relatives in the US first, since a contact address is needed there. and the internet at the office was really crap the last days that accessing my saved file really took a lot of time. my session always timed out, and i had to re-enter the 1st 5 letters of my surname, which was quite funny because the system counted the <space> between my DE and JESUS as a letter. i made several attempts – DEJES, JESUS…even my first name – CORAZ… but the system didn’t accept it. then when i entered DE<space> JE, that’s when i got back in. geez. <space> is now counted as a letter.

finally i was able to finish the application this afternoon, had my picture taken by my officemate, printed it and now it’s with my officemate handling our bookings and visa processing.


it’s all wait & see from hereon in.

hoping for the best.



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