the sunday currently, 04

i’m an hour late from my supposed schedule to write my sunday currently, but hey, it’s still sunday and i still get to write, so here goes.

reading… twitter posts, and yes, i should actually be reading something else (like finishing the universe of us, geez…or those other books on my shelf that are just gathering dust…). i’ve made lots of promises to myself for years now that i will finish at least one book a month, and i will refrain from buying any new books until i finish all of those that i have previously bought and have not yet read. so far, i haven’t finished a book in a single sitting (well, alden’s book i did finish that in a matter of 30 minutes, i suppose, but because it’s a very, very, VERY light reading material, and most of the time i just gawk at his pictures…it was more of a picture book, actually, so…). ok, so i’m justifying, but yeah, i should strive and read more…oh, and i was also going to read some emails, work emails, that is, but i am really in no mood. it’s the weekend, hey.

writing… this, obviously, hahaha. and some posts on twitter. and after this, i might even attempt to write an update for NOTM.

listening… to the pitter-patter of rain outside, and the humming of my AC. a while ago i was listening to spotify, #Hugot playlist, hahaha. for some reason i just wanted to listen to it. ok, fine, so maybe there is some ‘hugot’ that i need to unleash…

thinking… about writing, all about my writing and that i should really spend more time on it. especially now that i am, in some way, on a streak in the ‘creative’ department. my brain seems to be functioning quite nicely, thank God! it’s been a long time since i’ve been on this kind of high in writing, and to think that my kind of writing was usually journaling, actually, and poetry. my comfort will always be poetry. so yeah, happy thoughts about writing. yey!

wishing… that i do not fall asleep just yet. i’m yawning and i do need to sleep in a few since i have to be up early tomorrow.

hoping… for better weather tomorrow. or not. ok, mixed hopes here. i’m hoping for better weather because i have to leave early to meet up with the office service car. on the other hand, i am hoping the weather does not get better because i somehow don’t want to go back to the office and back to work. wehehe.

wearing… pink shorts, white night shirt, cardigan. i think the cardigan’s the same one as last week, hah!

loving… what lies ahead for me.

wanting… an extra weekend, because well, some stuff i’ve set out to do didn’t really turn materialize. and i didn’t do much about it, because, yeah, well, it’s the weekend. my bum period.

feeling… EXCITED! i’m on a twitter GC right now with other A3: Oikos writers and it’s our first meeting for A3. really giddy that i finished that 30-day drabble, and now we’re here, about to get started. pat on my back, wishing myself luck, and here’s to new writing adventures for me!

ok, gotta go for now. GC is starting! Yey weekend!


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