the sunday currently, 05

i’m again late for my supposedly ‘time to write’ tonight. i’ve set my alarm for 9pm every sunday so that i will not forget doing this, and really make it part of my sunday nights. yet somehow i still can’t manage to do it on time, always an hour late. it’s now past 10 pm and i really should be sleeping for i have to wake up early again tomorrow. oh well, i should just be thankful and relieved that i am still doing this, so, here goes my fifth.

reading … tweets, and still trying to finish the universe of us. not that i find it boring, completely the opposite, but i’m again at that state where i’d start something and because i let my self get distracted by a lot of other things, i lose focus and i end up not finishing what i intended to. reading, being the first one. so, the universe of us has been with me for a month now and i have not finished reading, but hey, i’m past midway of it so likely i’ll get to finish it this week. and i will be on to my next book. or books. sheesh.

writing … other than the sunday currently, my story on wp, and some other stuff that i’m supposed to finish for work.

listening … to take me to church by hozier, on spotify hit rewind playlist. as i go to sleep later, i will switch to my fangirling playlist on itunes. i love listening to a & m singing me to sleep. theirs are not the greatest voices, but they have very pleasant and soothing voices, and i will never get tired of listening to them and their songs.

thinking … about work, that email from our consultant, who probably sensed that i was already annoyed at how this whole procurement process at work is taking a long time. about responsibilities here at home, but i really don’t want to dwell on it lest i cry. about teaspoon, who i doubt is even thinking about me.

wishing … that i could just make the weekend a day longer and write some more. and also wishing that i could conjure some more creativity so that i can start writing for the AMACON 3 prompts. ack!

hoping … that my dad gets better, and that my mom doesn’t get sick, too. i will be going on another mission towards the end of the week and i hope and pray that they will be fine here. my ninang will be coming over anyway, so i am assured that they will be with someone while i am away. i just hate having to leave knowing that they are at their most vulnerable right now. we all are. we are a bit financially strapped, i know, but i still hang on to the attitude of not letting money be an issue, even if i am sometimes feeling too helpless about it. i just hold on to dear hope and prayers that everything will still turn out fine.

wearing … sweat pants, an inner white spag-tank top and another long-sleeved shirt on top. and of course socks. i never go to bed without them.

loving … how i am able to keep my composure and cool, even when i feel crumbling inside.

wanting … nothing, actually.

feeling … all sorts of things. helpless, vulnerable, but on the other hand, i also feel hopeful, and grateful of course. at work, i can’t help but feel irritated and annoyed by a lot of stuff lately. that’s why i’d rather hide away and just spend some time by myself. i feel like i need to get away by myself. i need that.

ok. so, i hope this new work week will be magical, i need it to be magical because i need to believe that the next days will be better than those of last week.

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