the sunday currently, 06

technically it’s monday, but it’s still sunday in some other part of the world so let’s pretend that i’m in that time zone.

and i skipped a sunday of doing this because i was on a trip to one of our projects last week, so i really have to do this.

reading… well, lots of tweets. i’ll go to that later. as for a book, still finishing the universe of us (i know, i know, it’s been more than a month, for crying out loud!). and i still have lots of books pending, as i’ve said before. to think i binged on book-buying at KLIA (hey, it was buy 3, free 1! how can i resist that?!), then tonight i bought another book at the ADNFest (Kat Saba’s books – God Wrote My Love Story in Kanji and The Vardoger). then i still have some titles on my bookshelf. i really should read more. that’s easy to declare. now how do i actually do it? hmm…

writing… this (hmm, putting this here is kinda repetitive every week). i do have other stuff lined up to write, like the AMACon 3 entry, and then my updates for NOTM. and there’s still that story that my officemates came up with after i told them of my ‘theory’ on why i’m not married yet. i will maybe write about that in another entry.

listening… to You Got Somebody from Alden’s new album. so happy that i’ve downloaded the whole album last week. it was a nice welcome home gift for myself when i came back from my trip. now i’m getting more familiar with the new songs in his album. and i like that all his albums have the backing tracks.

thinking… of not going back to the office in the morning, hahaha! no, seriously, i am thinking about that, especially since it’s almost 1am and i am still writing here, meaning i will likely sleep before 2am. futile to try waking up early to leave for laguna to beat traffic because, hey, i’ll be going via EDSA and traffic doesn’t choose which day to take a break.

wishing… i’d have met the guys from the AMACon3 gc at the ADNFest earlier today.

hoping… this high that i am feeling will not go down just yet, and that it carries me through another week of work.

wearing… what the heck, sleep clothes. i will probably not put this in my next sunday currently, hahaha!

loving… Alden and Maine and ALDUBNATION! i got my fangirling mode on full blast today because of the ADNFest, and i am so happy to again be part of a very momentous event. i tweeted tonight that next to TP and IYAM, ADNFest is my third fave fangirling event, and it only proved that choosing these two to gush over with is all worth it.

feeling… happy, ecstatic, giddy! so happy to have spent the afternoon and night with my TP friends yhang, yam and mimi! so ecstatic that alden and maine were there! so giddy that i have stuff from the event that i will forever cherish!

i will never, ever, EVER, forget this day. 10-16-16. i still dream of getting a closer encounter with the two of them, but i am already happy to have been this close to them. even if they just passed by us. even if they didn’t really look at me. being in the same room as they are is enough to satisfy my MaiChard heart. and i will never tire of loving them. it’s true that they have changed people’s lives, how being their fan changed one’s perspectives and attitude towards life, becoming more positive and hopeful. because that’s their superpower, their God-given gift – their good hearts are reflected towards everything and everyone.

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4 thoughts on “the sunday currently, 06”

  1. Hey, I saw your entry on siddathornton.

    I haven’t read The Universe of Us but I bet it’s good. I have LL’s book Memories, so…

    I saw you are an ALDUB fan. Nice.

    1. hi! Lang Leav’s amazing and yes, The Universe of Us is really good. can’t wait to get my hands on her Sad Girls. Michael Faudet’s books are great, too.
      and yes, i’m an ALDUB fan. =)

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