i am so furious right now.

i need to calm myself lest i rant at this person who does not want confrontation. 

i am not a fan of confrontation either but when someone goes around me to say something about me, dude, you are sooo out of line.

why can’t you just say it straight to me?

afraid i might cut your head off because i’ll be that mad?

dude, i am mad!

i am trying to understand you, i honestly am, but what you just did… dude, that’s a little offensive!

why can’t you just tell me yourself?

what’s wrong in talking to me, reminding me about stuff that perhaps i shouldn’t just dip myself in?

why’d you have to tell it to someone else, who was actually nice to tell me about it and that she’ll handle it?

i hope you realize that you are slowly burning bridges.

i tried to understand you, i honestly did.

but this… sorry, but i can not be on your side on this.

i respect you, you should have at least the decency to respect me too.

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