the sunday currently, 07

i started to write this with something about the long weekend holiday, but i ended up writing a whole separate blog post for that, because it got longer and deserved to be posted on its own. so, if you so indulge, check out that earlier post.

it helps that i’ve set my alarm every sunday night to remind me about writing this. i really want to keep doing this, even on sundays when i can’t even post it immediately on a sunday, or when i am unable to even post at all. i’m beginning to get into my groove again, i’m starting to get back into writing and i am loving it. writing my sunday currently helps me to keep on track. i’ve contemplated on paying for my own domain since last year, but have decided to put it off because i’m not that brave enough to do it yet. i’m still not brave now – financially and spiritually. i still have insecurities and i know it’s too cliche but i still feel like i’m not that talented to put my writing out there. ok, i’m rambling. on with what i’m currently…

reading… i finally finished the universe of us! yey! i finished it while in nay pyi taw last week. well, i actually finished it on the way to nay pyi taw, on board the flight. so for the rest of my trip, i was itching to read another book but i didn’t bring another one. i had with me just a small bag so carrying an extra book was out. oooh, did i regret it. but anyway, that means i get to read a new book now. so i choose an easy to read one for now – IMBG – The Bubble Gang 20th Anniversary Commemorative Comedy Chronicles. i bought the book last year but never got around to read it (yeah, same old lament with the rest of my books that i have yet to read). but i think i will be able to finish reading it before i get back to work on wednesday. fingers crossed.


writing… other than this, i just finished updating NOTM on wattpad. i’m kind of proud of myself, for i got to finish three chapters. i think i can keep up with it. what i am supposed to be writing is my AMACon 3 entry. sheesh. i was able to put in some additional parts to what i started while i was in Bangkok for a day. but i got stuck again, as always. the deadline is december 1, only a month to go. just great. well, the other writers did say that they are also used to cramming, though i’m pretty sure they are all pouring in more writing hours than i do. i told myself that even if i find the current story plot that i am doing isn’t really all too dynamic, i will still stick it out and finish it. then i start another one. ambisyosang aswang lang.

listening… to kelly clarkson’s since you’ve been gone on spotify. the playlist is best of 2000s pop. i know that that decade really isn’t my generation, but i’m glad i still enjoy those songs. some even make me nostalgic. i was already working then, sure, but i love music so those in this playlist i can pretty much sing to and relate to.

thinking… of doing a lot of things that i have set out to do, and ironically wanting to just lie down and sleep. and also thinking that, at 41, i am still pretty clueless of what i really want to do. i wonder, if i got married while i was in my 20s and have a family of my own now, will i be writing the same thing? that i am clueless? or will i have a totally different point of view? … maybe.

wishing… i could get the chance to really meet alden and maine. just once would be lovely. i imagine so much about meeting them and probably crying as an initial reaction, then i shake my head to wake myself up. that wish will come true one day. my tamang panahon will come. i just know it. and i will get more than just my wish. ok, getting ahead of myself. wishful thinking talaga.

hoping… haha. see wishing.

loving… how i am back to my writing mode, and that i am seriously considering doing this more than just something to translate my creativity. i’m loving how my mind races to create and develop stories, even with just a prompt. granted that i do it a little haphazardly, but i still love doing it. love, love, LOVE it!

feeling… a little sleepy, honestly, and my butt feels stuck to my chair, but i want to finish this and read a bit before i let the sandman gets me to fall asleep.

yep, that’s that for now. avril lavigne’s singing complicated in the background. probably not my anthem right now, but my pseudo-relationship with someone probably is. different blog post altogether. next time.

october’s ending. november slithers in. let’s see how i fare in this 2nd to the last month of 2016.

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