the sunday currently, 08

back here in los baños on a sunday night. i find it harder to wake up early on a monday to go straight to work anyway, so better that i get back here the day before. anyway, i was planning to do this entry on the bus, but i was seated by the aisle and writing it on my iphone didn’t seem too practical. i’m not that brave for anyone to just glance over on what i am writing. i did write something on the commute, thoughts that have been running in my head the whole day. i always feel guilty whenever i attend mass because my head really isn’t there, it wanders off to a mix of things ranging from the naughty to serious work stuff.

(i’d better stop there, i can’t divulge much on what those thoughts are. suffice to say that they merit a different post. i’ll focus on this for now.)

reading… hmmm, i started on The Vardoger by Kat Saba last night, and it looks interesting so i will likely stick to that. i will also try to finish The Magic Seeds by V.S. Naipaul, which i have been putting off for the longest time. it’s a rather boring read for me, but i want to finish it. i think in one of my posts i mentioned that it has begun to get interesting midway, but i stopped reading it again (i only bring it when i go on missions, but in my last two trips i wasn’t able to bring it with me so i have to get myself ‘re-acquainted’ with it).

writing… for my AMACon 3 entry. i’m kinda proud of myself because i was able to finish the 1st story (somewhat) for the 1st prompt. i still feel like i need to rehash all of it, i feel like the story really isn’t getting anywhere and the writing style that i was aiming for didn’t really come out. then again, i will still stick to finishing all 3 prompts for this, with the plot idea i started out with, and then i just might start a new one. i need to write some 1k-2k words a day, if i aim to finish by mid-November, and if i do intend to start a new story with a new plot idea. fingers-crossed.

listening… to Molino by Mark Johns, from Spotify Pop Chillout playlist. not really familiar with the song, nor the singer. listening to songs that i am not familiar with actually helps me to focus more on writing, instead of listening to songs that i know the lyrics of, because i have this tendency to just sing along, or dance to a song that i like, which then makes me lose some time for writing and concentrating. so far, the songs on this playlist are all unknown to me. good.

thinking… that i should get up early by tomorrow because i have work stuff to attend to, and that i have to be in the office early, too, so that i can focus while the office is not yet full of people. it’s monday and people tend to pop up suddenly by my table to catch up on what happened over the weekend. also, i have a day full of meetings tomorrow, so all the concentration is needed for me to finish emails and draft letters that need to be sent out.

wishing… for a vacation. on my own.

hoping… that i get to save enough by end of the year. a little far-fetched, i know, given the holiday expenses and the usual home stuff that i have to attend to, but hey, all it takes is good budgeting. ok, sadly, i am not good with that, but heck, i just have to.

loving… that i am beginning to get the groove of balancing work and my writing. also loving that i am able to balance my fangirling mode with my work mode lately. i suppose i’m getting more mature. haha!

feeling… so bloated lately. haven’t been doing any exercise and i stopped for almost two weeks on my meal plan. good thing i’m getting back to it tomorrow. the exercise part, well, i hope to at least jog or walk around the campus again. it’s been raining the past week so walking was a no-go. hopefully this week will bring better weather.

i guess this is all for now. here’s to a very busy week ahead, hoping for a productive one!

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