the sunday currently, 09

i have this scheduled alarm every sunday night to remind me that i have to do my sunday currently post. i set it at 30 minutes before 9pm, meaning i have to actually start writing by 9pm. turns out that, like all other alarms that i set, i always hit the snooze button. so here i am, almost 10pm, and i am just beginning to write this. just great.

procrastination is a bitch. but it’s something i’ve learned to live with. and it’s something that, for some really weird force or energy or whatever, brings out the most of my creative juices. not that i always come up with real genius stuff, because most of it is crap, but somehow, whenever i cram (like rushing some work 15 minutes before a deadline because i  completely put it off), my mind gets clear and i actually squeeze out something, sometimes, worthwhile. sure, it gives me hyperacidity and lower back pain, but i savor the feeling of relief whenever i get it done. even if it was a hellish 15 minutes, just to make it to deadline.

so here i am, doing it again. not just for my weekly post here, but also for AMACon 3. more on that later. let me just get on with the usual stuff first.

reading … Bossypants by Tina Fey and Magic Seeds by VS Naipaul. yep, still trying to finish the last one. still can’t get past the middle part because i still get sleepy whenever i read it. but Bossypants is really funny. i started reading it on Tuesday, while waiting for my appointment at the embassy and trying to calm my nerves. and it really did. i love Tina Fey.


writing… my AMACon 3 story. i said last week that i aim to write some 1-2k words a night. yep, that didn’t happen. last week was kinda hellish at work, with deadlines and meetings and i hardly had time to put in those 1-2k words for my story. i think i did only on Monday, after which, nothing. i wasn’t even able to update NOTM, though i did scribble a draft on my notebook. writing longhand on my notebook still helps me a lot, because i always look back at it and i can either write the whole thing in totality, or modify it as i finish. i will never give up writing on my notebook. it’s still my sanctuary.

listening… to Coldplay, now playing is White Shadows, from their X & Y album. not really familiar with the song, which is ok because if i do, i will only get distracted to singing along with it. i love Coldplay and listening to them gives me this calming, focused vibe.

thinking… that i should get ready for another meeting tomorrow. and that i should respond to my boss’ email on the documents needed for that meeting tomorrow.

wishing… for good weather tomorrow. i will be commuting to Makati for a meeting, and it’s Monday, so I should expect hellish traffic, but as long as the weather is fine, then i’ll be ok.

hoping… that i will not get too sleepy after this because i still need to write additional parts and one more chapter to my story! ack!

loving… how i pulled off cooking that pasta dish this afternoon, haha! saw this Tasty video on FB, 4 penne dishes and it looked fairly easy to do, seriously. IF you have all those ingredients. i liked the primavera and the spinach one, but i lacked some ingredients (artichoke hearts, cherry tomatoes) and i will not buy 3 stalks of asparagus for 35pesos, geez! so i had to improvise, making a hybrid of those two, and tadah! creamy chicken spinach primavera. haha. my mom said that it tasted matabang, though. pang-media daw. me-diabetes. wehehe. but still, it was yummy.


feeling… happy overall, in spite of a really hectic week and another one coming up. there were some glitches last week, can’t be avoided, but the highlight for me was getting my US Visa only three days after my interview. “i am MUTIPLE, no matter what they say, words can’t bring me down…” yeah, ok, last ko na yun. but really, i am glad even though i will likely not extend my stay for a side visit after the conference in Mexico. also, feeling a little kilig because of … well… i can’t divulge much. basta. sometimes, chats and a link can do some stuff.

ok, i end here. i’m thankful to be doing this every sunday. it’s become a sort of reflection for the past week and forward looking to the next.

here’s to beautiful days ahead.

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