the sunday currently, 10

currently trying to stay warm, and failing. we (together with my officemates) are at safari lodge hotel here in bogor, indonesia and i am scolding myself for not bringing enough warm clothes. we have a three-day meeting this week and our partners chose this hotel, which is rather far from the nearest convenience store in case we needed anything. heck, the hotel restaurant is 100 meters away from the main building. thank god for room service. i wouldn’t want to walk outside at this time of the night. anyhow, so yeah, i’m back in indonesia, another set of meetings, hopeful for better outcomes this time. so i better get on with this because i still have some prep stuff to do.

reading… still Bossypants, didn’t get to finish it last week because, uh, work. so i’ve been bringing it along  for the past days, wherever i go it seems. reading it while in line to pay bills. while on flight. maybe later before i succumb to sleep. though i doubt that i will get to read much while i’m here. i also brought with me on this trip two other books – Bata, Bata, Pano Ka Ginawa by Lualhati Bautista, and Kat Saba’s 2 books The Vardoger and God Wrote My Love Story In Kanji. bata, bata i recently bought because i wanted to read again, and to study the writing style of lualhati bautista. kat’s books, well, i bought them at the adn fest out of curiosity, because she really writes well and i admire how she writes, and having published her books at her age (she’s probably just in her mid-20s, i don’t know). but anyway, regardless if i get to do any reading or not, i vowed to always bring books with me whenever i’m on a trip, because i need to read more, finish even half of my books, and to avoid buying any more books while in the airport.

writing… in my head, while on the way to this hotel, the continuation of my AMACon 3 entry. i’m on the 2nd prompt already and i have the whole part done in my head, and beginning to move on, still in my head, with the 3rd prompt. see, i get a lot of writing done! granted, they’re all in my head, but still…hahaha. ok, i know, i still have to transfer those to paper, or here, so i will do that immediately after this. oh, i did get some writing done on the plane, for my NOTM update. i have to do some work-related writing as well.

listening… to the tv, star wars: revenge of the sith is on. i have a copy of all the star wars, i think, ℅ my officemate whom we call supremo (probably because he’s the supreme pirate of movies? hehe).

thinking… i should finish this soon because it’s past 10 here in indonesia, and i still have that work-related stuff to do.

wishing… i brought more warm clothes. shyet. all i have here are dresses, because we have a meeting and i wanted to be formal. but if the temperature is like this even in the morning, damn them dresses.

hoping… my cold won’t progress to fever. i’ve been having head cold for the past few days, with the weather really weird in los baños. and now this temperature where we’re staying. i have meds with me but i hope the cold doesn’t worsen.

loving… that i can still keep myself relatively organized and calm even in a rather chaotic situation. the past week was quite hectic for me, for most of us at the office, and i have stuff going on all at the same time, with deadlines to meet, and still haven’t met, or have passed. but yeah, i can still keep my head straight, granted i miss several things but i am still calm. heaven help me.

feeling… a little gassy, seriously. the cold isn’t helping. and now, i remember, there were potatoes with the fish they served in the plane from singapore to jakarta, and potatoes aren’t really a friend to my stomach.

i end here. as i said, i have several stuff that i still need to finish, and as i was trying to sleep while on the van coming here, i kept trying to list down what i needed to finish. so, yeah, better get started.

here’s to a hopefully productive and fulfilling week ahead!

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