the sunday currently, 11

will do this quick because my eyes are about to close. have to wake up early tomorrow as i still have to commute back to elbi.

reading… still bossypants. yep, didn’t get around to reading much while on mission last week. also next in line are the books from kat saba, the new book from michael faudet, and this other book from one of the writers on wattpad.

writing… my AMACon 3 entry, and thankfully i am about to finish it. i am finding it a little corny, and i am having a little trouble ending it. i simply don’t know how to end it without being corny. there.

listening… to the whirrr of the A/C here in my room. i know i had some music on a while ago, i suppose my playlist has long ended.

thinking… that the week ahead is yet again hectic. and also thinking that i should finish my AMACon 3 entry until tomorrow, and start a new one. i just have to.

feeling… torn between sleeping already and finishing at least another 500 to 1000 words for my AMACon 3 entry. but i might end up sending something that i have not intended to.

i end here. i really am getting sleepy. i still have some work stuff pending but , yeah, those will be for this week, office hours. i still have a few hours of weekend left, so…

here’s to another hectic week ahead!

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