the sunday currently, 12

and it’s another sunday. seems like i update this blog just for my sunday currently posts, though i am hoping to post some more diverse topics and stuff. nothing intellectual, though. i do most of those for work, i need some balance after all. this here are mostly fluff (feels awkward to actually use that word but its the closest way to describe what i am writing here anyway), mostly insights, and a lot of observations. i might have more time in the next days, well, compared to the previous weeks because i will be traveling once again. anyway, on with it.

reading… haha. i’d rather not say. just the same one since my last post. so there. really embarrassing to write it down. and i do hope ms. tina fey doesn’t randomly see this because it’s really embarrassing that it’s taking me more than a month to finish reading her book. it’s funny, hands down, it’s just that, well, stuff happens, i have to put the book down, or i am really just too sleepy. not that the book makes me fall asleep, no! basta!

listening… to Ang Tagapagpaalala on Mixlr. his playlist is just the right feels.

writing… later, an update for NOTM, and also for this new story i’m doing. i want to finish the whole thing first before i post it on WP. another fanfic, of course, but this time i’m going to make a multi-chapter story, not just my usual shorts. though i will try to continue doing those shorts. yep, gov and madam have awakened my writing ambitions again and i am truly grateful.

thinking… that i should sleep early because i have to get up early. our flight’s not until 11am but we’re traveling via PAL and checking-in at PAL is no easy feat. and it’s a monday, so traffic will be a bitch. pretty much how packing is a bitch for me, too, sheesh. really hate packing.

wishing… i’d be able to sneak in some writing moments while on travel. i’m attending this big conference along with officemates, and it’s for 2 weeks, so that’s a lot of days for me to actually write! but i will have to sneak those moments in, because it’s likely i’ll be busy running about from one meeting agenda to another. oh, and wishing i could still get to read the agenda items while traveling to cancun. i am clueless still on what will be discussed and deliberated on plenary etc.

loving… the ADN Christmas ID. nuff said.


feeling… a mix of nervous and dread. no, not because i’m bound to travel and attend another conference, but because our AMACon stories come out tomorrow. and i am feeling all sorts of anxiety. i am just…i really don’t know. i want to bury myself under a rock. i don’t want to see or know or think about what will happen tomorrow. i might deactivate tomorrow just so i won’t see  how people will judge me. but i know i will not be able to keep myself from peeking. argh. the struggle is real.


so i guess that’s it, that’s all for now. i’m still going to update my story, not that my ‘followers’ (hahaha! all 6 or 7 of them) are even begging for any update. i’ll just enjoy this. well, i am actually enjoying.

here’s to a productive and lovely week ahead. hoping for safe travels tomorrow. ok, cancun. i suppose i’m ready for you. bring it on.

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