travel thoughts day 2 

i’m back to questioning the sincerity of people, or they’re just after the free travel.

i learned about geography from attending these conferences.

also learned about countries that i have never heard of before.

i feel a little sad seeing how people are being ‘showcased’ for an advocacy.

we’re all a little bit of hypocrites.

hunger and jetlag are a very, very, VERY bad combination.

old faces, old causes.

tough job for a chair.

when the camera focuses on you, you have several options: refuse to look out of embarrassment, look once and shy away, look intently as if you don’t care, or take out your mobile phone and take a shameless selfie.

we are all equipped to understand each other, no matter the language; we are just wired at different levels.

there will always be that one person who will never stop talking even if you are obviously ignoring them.

red wine will always calm me. or make me jumpy. depending on how much i consume.

one can only have too much sandwich in a day.

i need soup.


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