travel thoughts day 3

sometimes making a fuss is just that – fuss. if you leave it and come back, it will still be fuss.
never underestimate new shoes. it may look pretty but it will kill you when you run and chase people wearing them. even bloody. trust me.

i sometimes hate how i automatically distrust people.

fighting off sleep is detrimental to your health. and to those within 100 meters from you. 

time zones confuse me. pretty much how converting currencies confuse me too. that’s why i never convert. 

there are three levels of snoozing while in a conference: unintentional nodding off in subtle moves, head banging whiplash jerking, and slow slumping in seat leading to prolonged slumber 

a colleague added a third level: zen state. 

how hard is it to make the seating arrangement alphabetical?

capacity building is not a one-off process. 

eating an apple fights off that sleepy jetlag feeling. ask the one sitting next to me. he couldn’t sleep because the apple i was eating was very crunchy.

a buffet at the end of the day will always make me happy. especially when there’s soup. 


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