travel thoughts day 4

bus rides are meant for meditation and introspection, however long or short the ride may be.

baby talk can be very annoying. especially if done by a 50-year old.

automatic flush on toilets are scary. you’re not even done when it suddenly does it stuff, with such great pressure it feels like you’re being sucked too. 

you can only take so much of mindless and senseless banter. 

free food will always draw people in. making conversation is optional.

i fear that my tolerance of some people’s stupidity will break sometime soon. 

when you realize that you’ve told the same story more than twice to the same person, be very scared.

gossip is good. dangerous, but good. 

i still long for someone to give me flowers. there were rose vendors on the street today and even they seem to ignore offering me any. 

soup and flowers. these will melt my heart. 


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