the sunday currently, 13

it’s 11:36 am here in cancun. technically still sunday so here i am. its week 2 for me here in cancun, week 2 of the cbd cop and we just had the weekend off for some touristy stuff. went to several sites where, well, tourists go, of course. this sunday currently will be quick because i still have to finish some stuff before turning in. 

reading… the vardoger by kat saba. well, i started reading it but i haven’t gotten around getting past the first pages yet because i am either trying to get a wifi connection here in the room, or when i do get a connection, i would just spend time checking my socmed accounts. yeah, i know, i should just read. i would likely have some time to read the whole book while travelling. oh, and i finally finished bossypants early in the week. yay! 

listening… to the tv. adam sandler movie – funny people. 

writing… this and later (if i manage to stay awake), a presentation for my boss for tomorrow’s event at the conference. it will be a quick write-up anyway since it will basically just be putting together what we already have from previous presentations. 

thinking… about this surprise party i hope to pull off for my mom. 

wishing… that money-wise, i will be able to pull-off the surprise party, and that there will be other sources i can ask from for financial support for the surprise. 

loving… that i get to write here everyday for the past days. doing these travel thoughts for the past 7 days now, simple thoughts that pass me everyday.

feeling… sleepy. and i have to fight it. argh. 

this is all for now. jetlag isn’t going away yet. 😩


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