travel thoughts day 7

maybe i have matured. i refrain from responding enthusiastically whenever i don’t feel like it. it’s just so insincere to say ‘yes’ when every bit if your cells is screaming ‘no’. 

the mayan culture confuses me. well, so does any other culture. i suppose that makes it more mysterious for me. and i retain a great degree of respect for it.

i need to slow down on spending. (sees a notebook) ooohhh that’s pretty. ka-ching. damnit. stop spending. (sees tshirt) i have to buy for my mom and dad. ka-ching. (i have low EQ). 

C – music; R – balance; Z – bravery/courage – my name in mayan language, as told by this guy of mayan ancestry .

i love the word ‘balance’. 

i wonder if stones and amulets really work. a friend told me that these stuff is half the work; i have to do some action, too. uhm, yeah? i bought the amulet, isn’t that part of the action already? (eye roll)

shopping is easy. as long as you have money. which oftentimes is not the case.

my patience with people is perpendicular to my age – as my age increases, my patience decreases. 

never underestimate the power of fluids. especially water. 


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