travel thoughts day 9

don’t you just hate it when you’re obviously doing something that makes it impossible to hear someone clearly yet somebody still talks to you? like when you’re already wearing earphones and someone makes conversation. or when you’re blowdrying your hair then your roommate decides to share with you something. happens to me all the time.

there must be some sorcery in this bus. i always feel sleepy when i ride. 

i’m amazed at these interpreters. other than having to translate the negotiations at real time, they equally match the passion of delivery of the one who said it. sometimes even more.

so many things to do, too little time. or no time at all. 

what is it with people obsessed with skulls?!?

bean bags are great. until you have to get up from them. 

talking about other people brings some weird sense of comfort. until you realize that some people also talk about you.

steak and wine clearly trumps those darn sandwiches at the conference. 

the moon, the beach and cancun. ’nuff said. 

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