travel thoughts day 10

exhaustion is now upon me. from this conference, from the food, from these bus rides, from wearing formal to semi-formal clothes, from these people i’m with. 

maybe i come off as smug to some people. i don’t care. 

there’s a very thin line between innocence and ignorant. when one is above 50 and you just keep making foolish remarks, that’s stupidity. 

i don’t know how long my patience will go. and i don’t know how transparent i will look when my patience does run out. 

amazed at how webcast works. 

the way to enjoy a buffet (especially a free one) is to go hungry for 2-3 days prior. then it’s all worth it. 

it is indeed rude to talk on the side while a presentation is ongoing. it’s even ruder to make side glances and glare at those who are talking on the side. 

i wonder, out of the 7000 or so in this convention, how many are seriously passionate about the cause, and how many are just here for the ride? 

a buffet enjoyed at lunch results to a gassy tummy by afternoon. 

finally had tequila. i am more than happy. drunk happy. 

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