travel thoughts day 11

we are all a little technologically challenged. 

i’m between surprised and frustrated with how some of the topics being discussed here are stuff that i have learned about some years back. have we reached a plateau in knowledge?

the terms and language change but it’s all the same banana.

the automatic flush in the toilets here still scare me.

i am afraid that by the time i’ve adjusted to the time difference i’m already bound for home. so i have to adjust again. 

why is it that my hungover self has a time delay?

writing will always, ALWAYS, be my refuge.

for some reason, the song “let me be the one” is stuck in my head right now. i’m not even in a relationship, why the heck am i repeating a song about breaking up?!

i have tons of christmas wishes that i’m afraid santa will cross me off as ‘naughty’, just so i won’t get any gift. not that i believe in him. i’m actually scared of those lifesized santas that move in the malls. hate them. 

the moon, the beach and a margarita. a nice cap to the evening. 

so maybe i’ve been too hopeful in searching for someone here in cancun. i only have three days left. who am i kidding? 


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