travel thoughts day 12

funny how translations from one language to another can completely alter its meaning and intention. i say funny but i’m aware how damaging it can also be. 

just remove the square brackets already

i am not one to socialize really heavily. i prefer to spend quality time with people i already know and have a level of comfort with. to hypocritically have drinks with people i am really uncomfortable with is not my cup of tea. i might just be rolling my eyes the whole night amd that’s pretty tiring. 

beginning to get cranky. i haven’t had my tea. 

the only time i’m unable to bring snacks and i couldn’t find any food to eat. 

catching up with old friends and colleagues highlighted my day today. granted i wasn’t able to grab lunch, but i will still choose friendship over hunger. having both would be tops though.

i am uncomfortable with using the word ‘impacting’. it just doesn’t sound right. 


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