travel thoughts day 14

i dress for comfort especially when i travel. which means i don’t care much about how i look, and how other people will look at me. 

they should really make wifi connection easier and free. especially in airports. 

restaurants that make this impromptu song greetings for guests celebrating their birthdays can be fun. but hearing it repeated more than 5x can be annoying. 

an hour before my flight and still no indication on the boards where the gate is. uhm, some heads up and lead time please? i might be coming from the far end of the terminal. 

duty free shopping is fun only when you have the money to spend on it. otherwise its all just a plot for travelers to waste money more than they’re supposed to. 

kfc’s famous bowl is a bowl of my faves – chicken, cheese, corn, mashed potatoes. after having 5 spoons of it, my perspective of my faves changed. i won’t be eating them for some time now. 

i hate sitting in the middle of a long flight.

having two strangers seated on both sides of you talking to each other is not an ideal situation. never will be.

i suppose even worse than having 2 strangers seated on each side of you talking is sitting beside a couple who are smooching.

don’t you just hate having to fall asleep in the middle of a movie you find interesting? totally negates the fact that you find the movie interesting.


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