the sunday currently, 14

i wasn’t able to post a sunday currently last week for i was traveling, which meant a different time zone, i was somewhere up in the clouds and seated in  between two strangers. i was away for two weeks actually for a conference and though i was unable to post my sunday currently, i feel so proud of myself because i was able to post everyday about my travel thoughts. it became like a daily journal for me, all 14 days of it, and i was kinda sad to just end it abruptly. writing everyday those 1-2 lines on what i thought of and how my day was going on became like a ritual for me, doing it while on the bus to the conference or while pretentiously listening to the conference. it became an outlet for my pseudo-rants and wishful thinking for 14 days. it was all random and spontaneous, and doing it on my iphone was also helpful. and now that i’m back home, with all the holiday fuss and stress, i have not gone back to writing. (well, except for that holiday fic exchange that i posted on wattpad, which i surely enjoyed doing, too).

so anyway, back to my sunday currently (while technically it’s already monday, let’s just assume i’m again in a different time zone so it’s still sunday somewhere)…

reading… well, nothing at the moment, but i am so happy to have finished The Vardoger by Kat Saba while on my return flight from Sunday to Monday. I was unable to put it down! i haven’t done that for a book for a long time now and it felt so gratifying to read it and have myself be immersed in the story. granted the editor side of me was going a bit OC, having detected some editorial glitches, but hey! having written a book is such a big feat, and i am so glad to have been able to meet Kat. thanks to ADN! so i am on to her next book, God Wrote My Love Story in Kanji, and i look forward to immersing myself in it in the next days.

listening… to this  Christmas Pop Playlist that i slept to when i hit the bed at a little before 10pm earlier. i always put music playlists on loop and shuffle before i sleep because for some weird reason since i was a kid, i hate waking up to silence.

writing… updates for my wattpad stories in the morning. sheesh. i am way, way, overdue with a lot of my updates, and though i know i have very few followers, i would still like to have that satisfaction that i was able to finish something. i plan on finishing all my drafts first before i post them all online, perhaps every 2-3 days interval. especially for my spg fic. there’s also this one fanfic that i am doing, something that i was hoping to post as an additional contribution to AMACon 3 but that’s being too ambitious. still, i did the story and i have the whole plot outline done and i’m somewhere in the middle already so it will take another 5-6 chapters to finish it. it’s a very light fanfic material actually, so i do hope to finish it, and post them all together as one complete story. as for my other writing tasks, well, i am still keen on doing more short stories, not all fanfic, but some stories that i have toyed in my head and collaborated with my officemates. soon.

thinking… that i should catch more sleep after doing this because i was so spaced out during our family reunion yesterday and i really didn’t feel well when we got back.

wishing… for a little more time to sort out my clutter in the room. i need to really lessen my stuff, and discard those that i am not really using anymore. i wish, and will really work for, a clutter-free and more practical 2017. money-wise, especially.

loving… the silence when i wake up at the wee hours of the morning, for i get to write a little more freely without any of the distractions.

feeling… sick, actually. my body aches and my stomach is still not that fine. i threw up last night, i really don’t know which of those that i ate did this, but i’m guessing a part of it was the fundador light that i drank with coke. ugh.

i suppose i should end here. it’s almost 3 in the morning and i do want to go back to sleep. i will do another post about christmas reunions and stuff in the morning, because i certainly have lots of thoughts about that.

so, it’s 26 December, a belated Merry Christmas to all and here’s to more throwing up until the New Year!

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