the sunday currently, 15


so, yeah, it’s a new year, and i seriously don’t feel that enthusiastic or excited about it. i really can’t explain why. i want to say that i’m just tired, that the weeks prior to today were a little too exhaustive for me, and that my body and my soul is seeking some much needed, well, escape.

for sure this isn’t just jetlag anymore.

the days leading to the holidays were a mix and play on my emotions, but it’s all stuff that i never really express. i’m a little careful with being expressive, although sometimes i can’t help it. oftentimes i am just too transparent, i suppose, and it basically gives away what i am feeling at that moment. and perhaps trying to hide and not express what i feel is taking so much effort on my part, and that’s why i feel a little tired. maybe. that’s why i need to escape. i badly need it. more on that later.

reading… at the moment, none. i was supposed to start on Kat Saba’s God Wrote My Love Story in Kanji (like what i said last week) but yeah, procrastination kicked in again. but i do plan on catching up on a lot of reading. i’ve been declaring that for the longest time, actually, but it all ends up as declarations. i should be able to find a way to stick to it. sheesh.

listening…  to Sam Smith on my iTunes, Omen.  my current playlist is mood, my own.

writing… in the next days more updates for my wattpad story Never On The Mouth, and this fluff with a bang fic exchange with my Team CaDoRa on twitter. the prompt i was given is a little difficult and i haven’t had any idea since i got the prompt. i need to be more creative on this, it has some twisted feels to it but the genre should be fluff (with a bang, so i am assuming its spg) and MaiChard, soit shouldn’t be that twisted. i need some inspiration to do this.

thinking… about the possible routine i need to get used to. i know i could make it work, i was thinking that drinking tea has become something that i have gotten used to, so why not follow yet another routine that i can easily get used to. like, work/office related stuff in the morning (because of course, i still need my day job), writing for my wattpad stories in the afternoon until night. before i go to sleep, i will read (though this often backfires because i always fall asleep even with just a page in), or even in the early hours in the morning.

wishing… that i am not writing anything that would ruin me, since i am writing in a really sleepy state right now.

loving… my family, of course. craziness and all.

feeling… beat and tired. and a certain pain coming from my chest, and those ‘lesions’ that have erupted on my back are getting to be a little annoying.

i am really getting sleepy, so i end this here for now.

oh, and i do plan to write one section of this blog for my 365 pages. what i would write there, well, let’s see. perhaps 365 days of random stuff. pretty similar to what i did on my travel thoughts. that stuff just creeps up, some observations and some funny moments. yep, perhaps that will be my 365 random things.

now if only i could think of a better title.


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