the sunday currently, 16

again this will be a quick one because i really need to sleep and my eyes are already drooping. here goes.

reading… sheesh, nothing again. i was supposed to start on Kat Saba’s God Wrote My Love Story in Kanji last week but wasn’t able to get around to doing so. but since i will be on travel again this week, i will make sure to read it and bring with me another book to indulge in. hmm, i might as well bring two more books since i am planning an ‘escape’ after my mission. more on that later.


listening… to Ed Sheeran on Spotify.  he came out with two new songs last week and i want to give my appreciation for it. he’s really an amazing singer-songwriter-composer.


writing… for AMACon 4 Serendipitous. already on the 7th day and i am somehow getting by. i think. it’s always a challenge to come up with stories, with ideas for the fanfic and i don’t know if i do the prompts justice. but i’m enjoying it. so much that i did two entries today. nyahahaha. ambisyosang frog.


thinking … about my ‘escape’ this weekend, on my birthday weekend. yep. i will escape and go to some place i’ve never been, and try to unwind and regroup myself. i’m hoping that someone will think of joining me but who am i kidding? he’s not there yet. and i wonder if he’ll ever get there. hay.


wishing… that i wake up early tomorrow, have to get up early tomorrow, MUST get up early tomorrow.


loving… that i am able to separate my work self with my fanfic writer self. or am i really separating it? my fangirl side is getting the better of me, it seems, and i need to rein it in a bit. but heck, my creativity is booming with my love for AlMaine, so i will just go with it.


feeling… sleepy. yep. and a little guilty for not doing some work over the weekend (real work, especially since i brought home some documents to work on). sheesh. i should’ve just admitted to myself that my weekend is only for being laid back and fangirling. oh, and happy, too, because i met up with old colleagues and friends from my former job.


i end this here for now. very abrupt but that’s how it is.


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