the sunday currently, 17

here in hua hin on a 2.5 day escape after a 4-day mission in myanmar. will be back to manila tomorrow but these 2 days helped me, somehow. i know a few more days would have been better but i just can’t afford a longer stay, much as i would have wanted to. nevertheless, the past days by myself still allowed me some time to reflect.


oh yeah, and i timed it on my birthday so… reflection came with an onslaught of emotions that of course made me cry.


reading… next is Ellen Degeneres’ book. i just finished Kat Saba’s God Wrote My Love Story in Kanji and i love it. i finished it in one sitting, i couldn’t put it down. i hope i can read more books that way, where i am unable to put it down because i got so involved in the characters and the story.


listening… to a low volumed Devious Maids on tv. really not watching it, i just have this habit of having the tv on whenever i am in a hotel room alone. regardless of whether i am watching it or doing something else.


writing… still for AMACon 4 daily challenge. the poetry leg is done and i found myself struggling even if i love doing poetry and i feel like it’s one of my comfort areas, but the prompts were rather difficult. tomorrow i think is Tagalog fanfic already.


thinking… of a bunch of stuff, a mix of work and writing that i was hoping to get done while on my escape but, well, i failed to do. so goodluck me.


wishing… everyone stays happy this week.


loving… my twitter feed tonight because it is full of good vibes, happiness and love for alden and maine.


feeling… happy for those two, but not exactly ok with myself. i need more than this space to explain why.


i’m bound for bangkok tomorrow in the morning though my flight is still in the afternoon. bus schedule to suvarnabhumi is at 7:30am and i have to be at the bus station 15 minutes ahead, so i better sleep now. i planned on doing more writing but, well, that was the plan. nothing ever goes as planned with me anyway. hay.


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