the sunday currently, 18

technically, it’s monday morning but hey, it’s still sunday somewhere so i’ll just imagine that i’m in a different country, different timezone. so here goes.


reading… Seriously…I’m Kidding by Ellen Degeneres. and like previous books that i have been reading, this one is going to take me some time again even if it is indeed light reading. i love ellen and her book is seriously funny, but in between lurking on the net, writing the amacon prompts and desperately trying to update my wattpad stories (oh, and there’s work, by the way), i need to really allot the time to read. unless i go on another mission and read it while traveling. those are my only treasured reading sessions. that, and if i don’t want anyone interfering with my personal space.

listening… to spotify Confidence Boost playlist which is so far has pretty good song choices, though i should be dancing to it rather than sitting here on a morning with my butt stuck in my chair and in front of my computer.

writing… for amacon 4 still, it’s the last day of tagalog fan fiction and i am a little proud of myself for being able to weave and link the story even if the prompts are rather mind-boggling. many times i doubted and really wanted to give up and not pass anything but heck, some digging and really far-fetched linking made the story connected, somewhat. so now it’s the last day and i have to make some big-ass ending to it. because for some reason my ‘followers’ are expecting it. hahaha. yabang.

thinking… that at this last week of january i should really be taking things a little more seriously, like getting off some weight. not some, a lot. also in making more effort to discipline myself when it comes to the social media, and committing to more writing tasks. although for those writing tasks i am a little excited because that’s my sanity anchor right now, but it somehow consumes most of my time and taking much of my time away from work, which is still my primary means of income. so i need to think of a better way to set a routine for myself (although i sometimes think sticking to a routine will make me lose interest in just a matter of weeks. ugh.)

wishing… this new work week will make me more productive.

loving… how i cleaned up my room over the weekend although there are still some stuff that i want to de-clutter and re-organize. will sneak in doing those within the week, when my mind refuses to work.

feeling… a little antsy and anxious about this week, because i have deadlines and i need to do some updating for our consultant and partners, and two of my relatives – my tita baby on mom’s side and tito ramon on my dad’s side – are both in the hospital. i pray for their health and that they both recover from this. i also feel a little worried that both my parents are running about again, to think daddy has just recovered from a stroke himself and both of them are on maintenance meds. i pray for their health as always. oh, and there’s also my ninang, my best friend’s mom, who’s also in the hospital for a week now. damnit, a lot of people are getting sick lately. prayers for everyone.


so there. like any start of the work week, i wish it were still the weekend, but yeah, it’s still sunday somewhere anyway. nevertheless, i claim this day and the rest of the days to be overflowing with a bunch of creative genius and a lot of positivity along with it. with a few bumps, that’s fine. that makes it all the more exciting anyway.

(afterthought: realizing… that i am getting old but i really don’t care. my years in life increase, thus my wisdom (if any, hah!) increases, and i should not be scared.)


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