the sunday currently, 19

a half hour before midnight, so yey, it’s still sunday. but i have to hurry writing this because i have to be up early tomorrow.


reading …  uh, none at the moment because i left the book i’m currently reading back in os baños. but i have been reading some wattpad updates over the weekend.

listening… to Piano in the Background playlist on spotify. it helps that i only hear background music and no lyrics whatsoever, because i was able to finish writing what i was supposed to write in the past 3-4 hours.

writing… for AMACon 4, still, and together with some other AMACon writers, we’re writing this radio drama for Tonight With Aldub Nation (TWADN), an online radio show by and for aldub fans. i kinda feel giddy being part of this and it’s something i’m looking forward to doing in the next days and weeks. it’s nice to brainstorm with these peeps. oh, and i hope to write an update for my NOTM story on wattpad, hopefully by tomorrow.

thinking… of having my hair cut, specifically get some bangs. i’ve been toying with the idea several weeks now, just because i get so annoyed with my hair falling on my face and yet it’s not long enough for me to tuck i behind my ear. agh.

wishing… the noise outside, some drilling or a blender sound, stops.

loving… that i was able to finish my entry for today’s prompt, and also finish two stories that i was unable to submit the past two days.

feeling… cold, because of the AC, and some ache, still, on my left shoulder x neck. had this since friday, and though it seems tolerable, the pain is actually when i lie down and in getting up. it gets tough.


i suppose this is all for now. looking forward to a lot more writing this week, and hoping for a better balance between work writing and writing my stories.

happy new work week! may all of us be productive and positive!

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