the sunday currently, 20

back in los baños on a sunday because (1) i don’t want to wake up early tomorrow morning just to join the office service back here, esp with doc leaving at 3am, ugh; and (2) there’s this huge jeepney protest for tomorrow according to news, don’t know if that will also affect the commute here in elbi but hey, i think i prefer staying here this early in the week.

reading… still, seriously, i’m kidding by ellen degeneres. i really should finish that book. it’s easy reading, for crying out loud. and it’s ellen! it’s a book full of humor! damnit. so many distractions. and i still have other books lined up. january has come and gone and i haven’t finished a book.

listening… to the whirring sound of the electric fan. hmm. i just now realized that i have not turned on my spotify.

writing… for TWADN’s radyoserye, along with other AMACon writers. it’s fun, really, and the minds of these ladies are just as crazy as mine. also starting with that feb fiasco fic with the rest of TeamCaDoRa. and i’m neglecting my NOTM again. argh.

thinking… of several things that i want to do – haircut (bangs), mani-pedi (overdue), massage (badly), teeth matters (cleaning, pasta), and schedule a general check-up (really overdue for like 3 years now. hrngh.)

wishing… i’d get up early tomorrow and just write.

loving… hmmm…oh, my new watch, a casio vintage.

feeling… a little hurt and ignored. for some reason. and it sucks because it’s such a childish feeling and i know i’ll regret feeling it in the morning.

i end here, it’s 10:38pm and my bed is beckoning.

happy 2nd week of february, self! kick ass, like you always do. (well, my ass needs some kicking so…)


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