the sunday currently, 21

my mind is a blank right now. i am getting a little frustrated that i am not getting more writing done. i’m back in elbi, hoping to get some writing tasks done but nope, i am not doing any. except for this, sure. i was kind of intent on doing some updates for NOTM and get past the 1st page for our febfiascofic. yet here i am, wanting to finish this entry so that i can get to sleep. damn.

reading… still the book by ellen, and i’m beginning to hate myself that i haven’t even finished it by now. it’s an easy read, for crying out loud! i honestly get more reading done when i’m traveling. but no, i should be able to sneak in an hour or two each day to read. seriously.

listening… to nothing, actually. lala’s watching something in the other room, so i hear that but i’m not really listening to it.

writing… several stuff that are only the beginning parts of what i have to finish, such as for febfiascofic, the radyoserye, an update for NOTM. and there’s still a lot of work-related writing needing to be done. sheesh. i need more time.

thinking… i should sleep now and get up early tomorrow to do and finish at least one writing task that i have set out to do.

wishing… for more time. ha!

loving… the cool weather we have right now, though i complain a bit.

feeling… happy that i got to meet my fellow writers yesterday. and that we met at concha’s.

there. at least one writing task done for the night. it’s not how i would have wanted it to turn out, honestly, but at least i get to write something for today.

i seriously hope tomorrow will be better.


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