the sunday currently, 22

i wasn’t able to do the sunday currently last week, because it was my dad’s birthday celebration and we had dinner at concha’s, and it was already late when we got back home, so…yah. and right now, i am a little late again in doing this but hey, i’m keen on doing this so here goes, again.

reading… embarassingly, still that book by ellen. but i’m going on a trip tomorrow so i’m pretty sure i’ll finish it while in transit. and i brought 2 other books with me and i do hope to get a start at them, and really make time to finish reading them. one is the new book by Michael Faudet, and the other is A Discovery Of Witches, a book i purchased i think 3 years ago. sheesh.

listening… to Spotify Are & Be playlist and i really don’t know any of the songs there but that’s good. i don’t really listen to songs with familiar lyrics, or familiar songs, simply, when i want some work done.

writing… this, and i was supposed to do some updates for NOTM but i obviously didn’t do that. i’m relying on my trip to turn up some updates on my wattpad stories, hopefully, because sometimes being up in the air and somewhere else helps. as long as i am not distracted by social media stuff.

thinking…  i should finish this soon because i really need to sleep, early (very, very early) day tomorrow for my flight.

wishing… i’d be able to get up to the sound of my alarm.

loving… that the bibis’ teleserye starts tomorrow, but hating that i won’t be bale to watch the first week and two days for next week. argh.

feeling… a little under the weather because of this cold, but thankfully it didn’t progress into a fever and that i am packed with meds so i do hope while on trip, this doesn’t worsen. please.

inasmuch as i want to do more writing, which i really planned on doing earlier today, and yesterday, both for work and for my stories, i have to stop for now because of an early start tomorrow. but hey, i am keeping my fingers crossed that i am going to get some amazing work done over the week. yep. along with getting across real work for this project i’m handling, i’m positive as well in finishing NOTM, just a few more chapters then i’m done. and i do want to put out this new story, a fanfic also, beauty and the beast inspired (the talking objects part, that is…well, ok a, little beast part, but i’m still figuring out how to work that out.)

i’m just a little sad that i won’t be able to be one with ADN when Destined To Be Yours starts showing by tomorrow. that’s my ultimate downside by next week. but hey, i look forward to a marathon of the 1st week.

gotta turn in. here’s to a lovely week ahead!

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