travel thoughts: sumatra

it’s been a while since i’ve written my travel thoughts. i think the last one was still from my cancun trip. but you see, my travels are mostly (if not all) work-related. that’s why my travel thoughts are mostly rants about work while on trip, and some very minimal insights about the places i go to.

for the past week, i’ve been on a trip to two project sites here in sumatra, indonesia. (and, i’m really embarrassed to say this, i’ve only very recently learned that sumatra is the biggest island of the country, and that jakarta is not in this island. so, shame on me. sheesh.) anyway, so this trip is still work-related, unfortunately, but still a fortunate one since i feel productive from all those meetings. a little frustrating, yes, because some expectations were not met, and a supposed meeting will not push through in the next days. but still, the whole work purpose was not wasted, and it does pose a great deal of more work. nevertheless, i should really be more active in writing these down. i sort of slowed down when the year started, and i did begin another daily thought log, which again i have badly neglected. i want to really punch myself in the face for not being faithful to this.

anyway, so here i go again, a bit of rambling thoughts on how this travel went.

  • a deluxe room upgrade in medan does not mean a deluxe room; it’s just a bigger room, nothing else.
  • i realize it can be frustrating for the people we meet with to converse with us in english; after all, we are in their territory, we should at least make an effort to speak the language. but i’m stubborn, so.
  • in sumatra, i am always mistaken for javanese. always. uhm, i’m filipino, sorry. and i will not learn much of the language because i’m stubborn, so.
  • the default for any food here is spicy. even when they tell you it’s not. don’t believe them. but hey, i like it.
  • i gave in again and bought a neck pillow. but it’s a rhino neck pillow, so.
  • my roaming charges will likely be sky-high again. damn data.
  • too many zeroes on indonesian rupiah can be really confusing, especially when my mind is not used to those many zeroes in the money that i handle.
  • i wonder if i ever come across as snobbish or arrogant when i speak english. especially when i really mean to be arrogant. sometimes i feel like the people i talk to think i’m just being a smart-ass. well, ok, that’s almost the same thing.
  • here’s hoping that i will really be brave enough to drive. my breathing stops, as a passenger, whenever the car goes on an incline. so i think that’s not a good indication.
  • and there’s that thing about water. traveling by land is one thing, but by water, uhm, that’s a different level of scare for me. this short trip by the river in one of the wetland areas of the parks, however, was a welcome thing because, well, work.
  • i always bring too many shirts. and always run short on pants.
  • been drinking paracetamol the first few days because of my colds, and i always get sleepy. not a good thing when you’re running the meeting.
  • i really miss doing community work, eating with the people living there, interacting, even with the limitation in language. being nice is intrinsic, universal and goes beyond any language. and the free fruits from their backyard are always a bonus.
  • been lurking on twitter because of my love for alden and maine. and it pains me that i wasn’t able to watch the pilot week of their soap opera. but thanks to twitter and to aldubnation and to friends i’ve made through this fandom, i was able to watch the 1st 2 episodes through links.
  • i’ve declared it before, and i will always declare this: alden and maine will always be my sanity anchor.
  • finally finished reading ellen’s book seriously…i’m kidding.  after i think 2 months. not that i find it boring, because it’s really funny and because it’s ellen, but i simply get distracted by other stuff. and that sucks. i really should read more.

and on that last one, i will finish this for now, and will pick up my next book (brought 2 more books for this trip in the hopes that i will get to read more, while also trying my best to resist buying new books while at the airport) to read until i drowse off for a bit.








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