the sunday currently, 23

in jakarta now, on the last leg of this mission here in indonesia. been to two areas in sumatra, mostly meetings and a trip to the national park. i did another entry last night about this current trip, part of my travel thoughts entries (which aren’t really as organized as i thought they were but hey, that’s exactly my state of thinking is right now so…). i feel like i am not writing as much as i would have wanted during this trip. i was either too sleepy or tired already from the day’s meeting or from the paracetamol that i’ve been drinking because of my colds, or i am just too distracted with trying to connect to the internet because i want to keep updated with what’s happening with alden and maine, and with the pilot week of destined to be yours. more on that later.

reading… well, about to read next is A Discovery Of Witches. yep, finally finished ellen’s book! and immediately after that, i also just finished during the flight here michael faudet’s Bitter Sweet Love. yay me! i finished two books on this trip! and now i hope to get a good start on this other book i brought with me. it’s a thicker one, though. here’s hoping it won’t take me a whole year to finish. sheesh.

listening… to the tv, hot pursuit playing. not really watching it though. i’ve seen it before anyway, on flight.

writing… this, and i’d like to start some plot writing for the tagalog ff prompt i got for amacon 4. there’s also this april fool’s fic exchange i have with my amacon 3 team cadora group, there’s been some discussion about it over at the gc but it seems there’s nothing final yet. or i just couldn’t catch up.

thinking… several stuff right now. there’s work, then there’s my writing and my wattpad stories, and then there’s teaspoon, and of course my family and money stuff. ugh. list goes on and on, and i am trying hard not to dwell much on any of them, and just take it each day.

wishing… my mind thinks straight by tomorrow in relation to work, and that the contact that we have will positively respond to a meeting tomorrow.

loving… twitter updates about the bibis. but hating that i am missing out on a lot of stuff about them for the past week. their teleserye, primarily. but i’m still thankful that i was able to watch maine’s birthday celebration on youtube.

feeling… a little ignored over at the gc, been asking questions but it seems nobody’s acknowledging me. or maybe because they’ve already discussed about it in the previous chats when i was  unable to connect so they feel like they don’t need to answer me anymore. really childish of me, i know. but still…

it’s a little before 11pm, so i end here for now. will try to write some plot ideas for my tagalog ff prompt. i got inspiration from michael faudet’s book, and i did have some ideas while reading but was unable to write them down. here’s hoping i can still remember what i thought of. so i’m looking forward to going home, but i go straight to los baños because we’re going back on a tuesday, so it’s a work week. i hope to get a haircut and a massage when i go back, though. long overdue, really. and manicure, pedicure, foot scrub…yep, the works, probably. ooohh, and sinigang.

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