the sunday currently, 25

hanoi. landed around 7:30 but because on-board our flight was a dignitary from Israel. we didn’t know who it was; the thai airlines crew just said a VIP was on-board, and upon landing, some passengers who were apparently part of the security entourage of that VIP started standing up even while the plane was still taxiing the runway. the plane stopped somewhere in the middle of the runway, and while all the other passengers also stood up, we were told to sit down again because the VIP will be getting off there. i was seated by the window and though the window seemed hazy, we can see Viet Nam security setting up outside, with a military parade of some sort to welcome this VIP. a red carpet was rolled out, and a convoy of cars started lining up for the VIP and the entourage. the thai airlines crew announced that it will only take 5-10 minutes, but it took more than that. the rest of us passengers were already murmuring and complaining, because seriously, why didn’t this VIP just take a chartered flight instead? it caused a great deal of delay and anxiety for some passengers because, uh, hello, this person is a security risk! a lot of airplane scenarios played in our heads. i was thinking about the ninoy incident back in the philippines. so what if that VIP person needs security, don’t the rest of us passengers also need that security? don’t our lives matter, too? that whole incident at the airport is just a little too much.

turns out, after browsing through news online about viet nam, the VIP is Israeli President Rivlin. sheesh.

still, he should’ve just gotten on a chartered flight, so as not to cause any hassle with the rest of the passengers.

and with that said, on to my sunday currently…

reading … Paulo Coehlo’s Love – Selected Quotations. now it’s all quotes from his books, and again, it seems that it will be some time for me read through it, just because i have some other stuff to do. but i am still on the lookout for the rest of the All Souls trilogy of Deborah Harkness. checked Asia Books at Suvarnabhumi airport earlier while on transit but they don’t have it. i can’t remember which airport it was that i saw the 2nd book, argh. it was probably KLIA? i really can’t remember. basta i need to complete that trilogy. i will not buy any other books until i get my hands of the rest of that trilogy.

listening… to the tv, it’s ANTM on Starworld and i’m not really watching. i have earphones on but i’m not listening to anything, haha. it just helps blocking out some of the sounds and makes me focus on what i’m doing, so.

writing… if i am still a bit awake, some additional powerpoints for our meeting tomorrow. and for the rest of this trip while here in hanoi, i am really hoping to put in some writing for my stories – NOTM, AMACon 4, my other fic…good thing the april fool’s exchange won’t push through anymore, hehehe

thinking… i should just sleep first and wake up earlier to work on the powerpoints and read for the meeting.

wishing… that i will pull off the meeting tomorrow. eyebags and hoarse voice and all. huhu.

loving… this bed here at mercure. makes me really want to sleep first and work early tomorrow. oh, and i’m also loving the quills & brushes website. had the chance to try it out, was a little shunga when i added a story but its fairly easy.

feeling… a little hurt awhile ago, because it’s been a week since i last sent a message to this person who upset me last week. he’s been sending me links and videos but i really don’t need those. all i want is a simple sorry, and he’s too dense to even send that. i don’t know, i just feel hurt and upset and disappointed in him right now. and still he can’t take a hint. i’ve been resisting to respond to him, because i can’t keep being the first one to give in. universe, can you just hit him a bit in the head, nudge him a little, and just make him realize that ‘sorry’ is all i need. and a little maturity from him. that’s all.

and yeah, i do miss him.

ok, i will sleep first and work early. my mind is not in a work-state right now and if i force myself to do so, it’s not going to be a good thing.

i need to write more here.

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