the sunday currently, 26

bohol right now. on a much needed break. though it’s only for a few days, i still had an amazing time with friends from team pangarap, my aldub/maichard fans club. 

we were originally scheduled to attend the adn summer fest in cebu, but that event didn’t push through. yet we still decided to go ahead with this cebu-bohol trip because… well, just because. will make a separate entry about this trip. for now, this is my sunday currently.

reading… elizabeth gilbert’s The Signature of All Things. started this on this trip,  and it’s been interesting so far. i was able to finish paulo coehlo’s book on love on the trip back from hanoi and inasmuch as i did enjoy the book, and i love paulo coehlo, i think some of his work is a little repetitive. my favorite will always be by the river piedra i sat down and wept.

listening… to kapuso mo jessica soho on tv. not really watching. 

writing… nothing yet, well, other than this. was kinda hoping to sneak some writing while on vacay but nah, that didn’t work. i have to do my updating when i get back to manila. i was planning to update my wattpad stories and start my amacon entry but, well, that didn’t happen. 

thinking… i should sleep now because we have to leave early for tagbilaran tomorrow. our ferry sked is 7am and our flight from cebu to manila is at 12nn, so yeah, sleep should be prioritzed.

wishing… i could go on another vacay like this, but on a hiking / trekking trip next time. and by myself, hopefully. with the intention of putting in some time to write.

loving… that i am daring myself to go on well-deserved vacays like these. i never really go on leave much for vacay purposes, mostly it’s just spending time at home. staycation. 

feeling… tired but happy and yet dreading to go back to work. hay. but hey, three days off is still good and i’m still glad i did this. 

ok, kmjs is now featuring a guy wearing a spiderman costume. turns out there are many of them wearing spidey costumes in manila. haha. 


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